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Ignite: Schedule

Embark on a 2-night transformative journey incorporating workshops and sessions to elevate the mind, body, and soul.
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Friday, November 3 - Ignition

Commence your journey by mingling with facilitators over nourishing appetizers before a restorative Serenity Yin Yoga session. Achieve a heightened level of relaxation and create space for a restorative night’s rest.

Host: Katia Barton
Indulge in an evening of mingling with our amazing facilitators and your fellow retreat rockstars. Relish in the company while savoring delightful, nourishing appetizers, as we embark on this journey to recharge and refresh.

Host: Kayla Isaaks
Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of Yin Yoga, a serene practice focusing on deep relaxation and elongated poses. Release and unwind your connective tissues, inviting tranquility, spaciousness, and serenity – a perfect prelude to a restorative night’s rest.

Saturday, November 4 - Mind | Body | Soul

Elevate your mind, body, and soul through these carefully curated wellness activities. Discover holistic practices that will leave you feeling revitalized and in perfect harmony.

Host: Katia Barton
Indulge in a nourishing breakfast within the serene ambience of the Grill Room’s Private Dining Room, fostering a tranquil start to your day.

Host: Catherine Roscoe Barr
Join neuroscience-based wellness coach and founder of The Life Delicious, Catherine Roscoe Barr, for an engaging presentation on Applied Neuroscience for Everyday Wellness! You will learn:

  • How to create doable and delicious micro-habits across 5 pillars of wellness so you can think, move, eat, sleep and connect better
  • How to use mindfulness to spark neuroplasticity, and change your brain – and inner dialogue – for the better
  • How to generate ongoing self-discovery, self-healing and internal motivation through the art of self-coaching
  • You will leave this workshop with:
  • The tools to transform your mental and physical wellbeing
  • A personalized plan to support your success
  • The knowledge you need to maintain consistency for a lifetime

Take a little break and enjoy some energizing refreshments and snacks.

Host: Catherine Roscoe Barr
Are you chronically tired, or just lacking the energy to fully pursue the life you dream of? Get ready to be well-rested! In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How building better boundaries makes space for active and passive rest
  • Why a practice of inner noticing is so effective at creating new habits
  • The fascinating link between exhaustion and emotional intelligence
  • The 6 laws of superior sleep hygiene
  • The 5 steps to reverse the downward spiral of sleep deprivation

PLUS you will create your very own personalized strategy to start adding more active and passive rest to your life now!

Host: Helena Bianchi
Have you ever been frustrated with your efforts to become healthier? Even after reading countless health books, tuning into the best podcasts, and trying popular routines? Amidst a sea of health information – good and bad – if knowledge alone healed, the world would be healthier, not sicker. In our one-hour session you will learn that you CAN kick start your body into producing world-class levels of energy no matter where you are in your health journey, while building a self-sustaining system of optimal health. During this session, you will gain:

  • Insights into the TOP 3 HEALTH PILLARS. Embrace these in daily life for a seamless path to top-tier energy, age notwithstanding.
  • Practical integration of these pillars into your routine. You’ll be ready to enhance your health right after our session.

BONUS: My 5 FAVORITE supplements and resources for an amazing aging journey.

Host: Katia Barton
Savor a delicious healthy meal in the beautiful Grill Room while we recap the morning and learn more about what we have in store for you for the rest of the day.

Host: Wendy Hargreaves
Embark on a soul-soothing macramé necklace workshop, intertwining the art of knotting with the transformative power of crystals, fostering a holistic sense of wellness and tranquility.

Host: Melanie Levenberg from Dancepl3y Whistler
Get ready for a high-energy dance workout where you’ll learn SIMPLE moves from a mix of styles (Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz, R&B, Country, Tik Tok and more) and bust-a-move as you #sweathappy! Forget 5-6-7-8, or left foot/right foot choreography, there are only 3 Rules to follow in this beginner level class: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself!

Host: Catherine Roscoe Barr
Discover the invigorating world of wellness as we embrace the exhilarating experience of cold-water plunging in the breathtaking surrounding of Whistler’s Lost Lake. This refreshing activity will revitalize our bodies, enhance circulation, and fortify the immune system.

Explore the charm of Whistler village or unwind in our Health Club at your leisure, all while anticipating the exquisite soiree that awaits you shortly.

Host: Jacquie Dickinson
A glamorous evening that will inspire, enchant, and elevate you!

Sunday, November 5 - Natural Radiance

Awaken your body with a revitalizing morning yoga session and wrap up the retreat by engaging in a serene nature immersion.

Host: Kayla Isaaks
Join our invigorating morning Vinyasa class, guiding you through fluid sequences that awaken your body and mind. Embrace the moving meditation, building strength and focus, and conclude in serene relaxation for a harmonious start to your day. All levels welcome to practice with intention and renewed connection to self.

Come at your leisure and choose anything you desire from the bounty of the breakfast buffet in The Wildflower.

Host: Monica Sander Burns from Society of Trees
Forest Bathing (also known as Forest Therapy), is a slow, restorative, and completely immersive nature connection ritual in Whistler’s world-class rainforests. Your local Guide will share mindful, sensory prompts that transport you into a serene zen-state, allowing your mind, body and soul to fully rest and rejuvenate with the medicine of the forest. This unique shared experience will renew your sense of connection to self, community, and nature.

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