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All Time, Fall Time – The Benefits Of Visiting Whistler In The Fall

All Time, Fall Time – The Benefits Of Visiting Whistler In The Fall

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about your fall travel plans! Soon the leaves will be changing, the air will become crisp and cool, and it offers just enough of a change from summer that you can feel refreshed. Whistler is famous for our sun-soaked summers and powder-filled winters, but if you have never experienced a Whistler fall, you have been missing out.

Locals absolutely love this ‘in-between’ season. It’s a time to slow down, connect with nature and family, and recharge. Whether it’s for a quick weekend escape, or to explore deeper with a week in Whistler, make this the year you discover the wonders of a Whistler fall.

Fall Views. Tal Vardi Photography

Cozy Is Part Of The Experience

Do you love curling up with a blanket, a cup of coffee, and a good book? Well, you will absolutely love a fall getaway. A term that is relatively new to North America. but is part of Scandinavian culture is hygge. It can look like a lot of different things, but generally, hygge is all about rest, living in the moment, and enjoying simple things that give you a feeling of contentment or well-being. 

Although we didn’t have a word for it, we’ve discovered that we are actually hygge specialists here in Whistler. Pull on your warm socks and try out these other cozy activities on your next getaway.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler Health Club Poolside

Relax Fireside

While in the hotel, you will never be far from a toasty warm fire. You can savour a drink fireside at the Mallard Lounge, cozy up at the poolside fire pit, or have even at your private fireplace in your own Fairmont Gold suite.

Fairmont gold suite with fireplace
Enjoy the ‘golden’ glow of your own private fire. PHOTO BRANDON BARRE


Our slope-side hot tubs are the perfect place to watch moody low-lying clouds roll by and soak all of your stress away. When you’re ready for a break you can slip on a world-famous Fairmont robe and enjoy a fireside drink, warm up in a dry sauna, or plunge into the lap pool for some restorative hydrotherapy.

Hot, cold, rest, repeat.

Dress For Comfort

Autumn clothes strike the perfect balance between comfort and fashion. Pack your bag with fluffy sweaters, wool socks, boots, a waterproof raincoat, and you will fit right in here. You may want to save a bit of room in your bag. Our pedestrian-only Village Stroll is lined with your favourite stores (and some undiscovered favourites) for a day of retail therapy.

Shopping in whistler village
Take home some local treasures. PHOTO TOURISM WHISTLER | JUSTA JESKOVA

We also have a number of incredible shops within the hotel that you won’t want to miss. You can explore 3 Singing Birds, Open Country and Snowflake without even needing to go outside – perfect if the weather is particularly moody that day.

Seasonal Food Is Amazing

Fall is a time to savour and indulge your senses, so I’m not sure it’s no coincidence that some of the most delicious dishes are fall staples. From spiced drinks to hearty roasts and warming pastries, there is something delectable to enjoy in all meals of the day. Here are a few tasty treats you won’t want to miss:

Pumpkin Spice Treats

For a brief period every year pumpkin spice takes over our taste buds, and for good reason, it’s absolutely delicious. You can get your seasonal fill of pumpkin spice treats at Portobello. Whether it is a hot drink or delicious pastry, they have the foods with the taste of the season.

Thanksgiving Turkey To-Go

Gathering around a perfectly roasted turkey is a seasonal staple. But as anyone who has ever been in charge of cooking can attest, preparing the meal with all the sides can be a huge pain. Instead of spending the whole day babysitting the bird, let us do the cooking for you. Order your meal in advance, and you can pick up a prepared Thanksgiving meal with all the sides. You can use that extra time to do some exploring and adventuring in Whistler.

You can even claim that you made it all yourself – we won’t tell.

SIP & Savour in the Mallard Lounge

The wood-burning fireplace in the Mallard Lounge is the perfect place to grab a seat and savour some seasonal drinks with friends. Local favourites include the Cast Away Old Fashioned, Black-Cherry Manhattan, and Pepino Picante.

Duck in the Fog | The Mallard Lounge
Duck in the Fog | The Mallard Lounge

Nature Lovers Adore It

Whistler is naturally spectacular year-round, but it truly is something special in the fall. The trees along the village strolls come to life with vibrant fall colours, the mountain peaks get their first dusting of snow, and the low-lying clouds dance moodily through the valley. So pull on your walking boots and get outside to explore these seasonal sights.

Fall activiteis in Whistler
Get your first glimpses of the winter to come.

Take a stroll

When fall foliage is at its peak a walk down the pedestrian-only Village Stroll is a must. The maple-lined lanes come to life with vibrant fall colours. If you are travelling with little ones in tow, a stop at the playground in Olympic Plaza is a local favourite. Pick up a coffee at one of the local shops, and your kids can get tuckered out on the unique tree fort playground.

Whistler Village stroll in fall colours
What a wonderful place to wander. PHOTO TOURISM WHISTLER | MIKE CRANE

Wish Our Bears Goodnight

Throughout the fall, our local bears are hard at work preparing for a long winter snooze. You can get one last glimpse of our favourite furry locals with a bear tour. Our Chateau Whistler Golf Course is also a favourite hangout for Whistler’s bears, so you’re likely to see one munching on the faraway fairways while you play.  

Three young bears looking though fall foliage in Whistler.
It’s hard getting kids to bed, imagine having three! PHOTO TOURISM WHISTLER | MIKE CRANE

Classic Whistler Events

Our local event calendar is known for being absolutely bursting with events, so even when plans have been scaled back, there are still many events to plan a visit around. From the culinary delights of Cornucopia to the extraordinary challenge of the Whistler 50 Ultra you can find an event that is just right for you.

  • 18, 25 SEPTEMBER: Whistler Farmers’ Market
  • 13-18 SEPTEMBER: Whistler Village Beer Festival
  • 17 SEPTEMBER – 8 JANUARY: Audain Art Museum, Out of Control: The Concrete Art of Skateboarding Exhibition
  • 24-25 SEPTEMBER – Norco Canadian Enduro Series
  • 2, 9, OCTOBER: Whistler Farmers’ Market
  • 9 OCTOBER: Thanksgiving
  • 9 OCTOBER: The Whistler Turkey Trot
  • 13-16 OCTOBER: Whistler Writers Festival

Seasonal Savings

You can take advantage of some of the best rates of the year by visiting during this time of the year. From your accommodation to dining and activities, you can save across the board by planning a fall visit. Explore our Best Fall Offers to learn more about the ways your dollar goes further this time of year.

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