The Perks of Planning a Mid-Week Whistler Vacation

Psst, here’s a little secret: weekdays can be the best days in Whistler. Get ready to uncover premier perks and unlock a whole new level of adventure, relaxation, and pure bliss. From fewer crowds to exclusive offers, we’ve curated the perfect collection of reasons to make your mid-week escape an unforgettable one. It’s time to break free from the traditional weekend routine and embrace the wonders that await you in Whistler during the week. Let’s make weekdays your new favorite days!

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Fully Decompress

Truly relaxing into vacation mode can take some time. It’s only really a few days into a vacation that you find that slower gear and stop thinking about work or day-to-day concerns. If you have the vacation time banked, give yourself the time to savour Whistler and enjoy the full benefits of getting away from it all.

Find the vacation gear with a few more days to slow down.
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Less time in traffic = More time on vacation

Whistler is just a short 1.5 hr drive away from Vancouver in light traffic, but on generally Fridays and Sundays, commute times can be longer due to increased volume on the roads. Save yourself some time and hassle by travelling during off-peak times. You will get here faster, and feeling more refreshed and ready to start exploring Whistler.

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It’s Quieter

From the parks to hiking trails and the Village Stroll, across the board everywhere will simply be less busy when you visit on a weekday. Being constantly surrounded by crowds can make you feel stressed in a way that you don’t truly realize until it’s taken away. Plan your trip between Sunday to Thursday, and experience the stillness of nature the way the locals do – in blissful, natural stillness.

young women hiking next to mountain lake in Whistler

Feel Spoiled For Choice

When visiting Whistler on holidays or weekends planning ahead is key. We highly recommend our guests make reservations for restaurants and activities to get the times that work best for them. But, when you visit on a quieter weekday you are much freer to be spontaneous. You can stop for dinner when hunger strikes, book an adventurous activity last minute or pull up a seat on a sunny patio for a tasty cocktail when you’re ready to rest and refresh.

That said, if you know your plans in advance, a reservation never hurt!

two couples enjoying cocktails by a fire pit


It is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but you may enjoy knowing your friends are envious when you post getaway photos while they are working. Okay, that may be a little mean, but maybe next time they’ll join you on your mid-week trip!

Ready to start planning?

Explore our Best Summer Offers to take advantage of deep savings when planning your next Whistler getaway. Make sure you don’t delay. The long days of summer can fly by surprisingly fast. Start planning now so you don’t miss out!

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