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Choose 1 from the following beverage selections:
Bottled Water, sparkling and still
Individual Bottled Juices, orange, apple or cranberry

Choose 1 from the following snacks:
Seasonal Whole Fruit
Individual Fruit Salad Cup
Breakfast Parfait, Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit compote, rooftop honey, Chateau granola
Individual Yogurts, strawberry, raspberry, peach

Choose 1 from the following sandwich selections (quantities based on 1 sandwich per person):
Chateau Breakfast Muffin, Canadian bacon, fried egg, sliced tomato, cheddar, English muffin
Chateau Breakfast Bun, shaved rooftop honey glazed ham, fried egg, tomato chutney, cheddar, soft potato bun
Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap, grilled Portobellini mushroom, scrambled egg, grilled peppers, crumbled feta, whole wheat tortilla
Lifestyle Wrap, scrambled egg whites, sautéed kale, red pepper, feta, whole wheat tortilla
West Coast Bagel, cold smoked salmon, capers, red onion, dill cream cheese, plain bagel

Choose 1 from the following breakfast pastry selections;
Assorted Loaves, west coast trail mix, maple-walnut, lemon poppy
Chateau Granola Bar, assorted nuts, seeds, dried fruit, honey
Muffin, blueberry, carrot, chocolate chip, raisin bran, apple cinnamon, morning glory

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