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Menu Category: Breaks "A La Carte"

All items priced individually.

Vegetarian (VEG) | Vegan (V) | Gluten-Free (GF) | Dairy-Free (DF) | Nut-Free (NF) | Contains Nuts (N) | Contains Dairy (D) | Kosher (K) | Halal (H)


Selection of Seasonal Sliced Fruit
Chefs Selection of Fruit Smoothies
In-House Made Dips, spinach, hummus, goat cheese & roasted red pepper dip, chef’s own pita chips
Sun-Dried Fruit & Nut Platter
Tortilla Chips, in-house made Salsa
Assorted Potato Chips, sour cream and green onion dip

$60.00 PER DOZEN

Cupcakes, chocolate, lemon, carrot, red velvet
Brownie or Cheesecake Lollipops
In-House Made Doughnuts
Warm Pretzels, assorted mustards
Tortilla Chips, in-house made Salsa
Assorted Potato Chips, sour cream and green onion dip

$54.00 PER DOZEN

Cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut
Biscotti, chocolate, lemon, pecan
Squares, date, lemon, Nanaimo, brownies, butter tart
Mini Tarts, seasonal berry, pecan, lemon
Scones, blueberry, raspberry, cheddar
Brownie or Cheesecake Lollipops
Assorted Loaves, banana-hazelnut, zucchini, carrot, chocolate-pecan, cranberry-lemon
Muffins, blueberry, carrot, banana-hazelnut, bran, morning glory, chocolate-pecan
Assorted Bagels, plain cream cheese
Assorted Danishes, cherry, lemon, apple
Croissants, traditional, chocolate, cheddar
Chateau Granola Bars, in-house made
Very Berry Fruit & Nut Bar

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